The Top 10 Customer Service Strategies

It is essential to keep the good customers you already have, and gain their loyalty. Motivational Games for Employees. Efforts should therefore be directed at recognition and development programmes to determine potential, and a well-though—out career plan structure. Read the Contact Centre Manifesto. In Pursuit of Excellence. Request Property Tax Certificate Begin the process of requesting a tax certificate from the Brantford Tax Department Smart Brantford - Smart Living Smart Brantford is a shift in the way we live, work, do business, educate and work together to grow our economy, our people and our environment to improve the quality of life for our citizens.

To ensure we effectively engage and work collaboratively: We work as a team with shared values and aims, and ensure our desire to deliver excellent customer service is led from the top and delivered consistently all the way through the department.

Make Employees an Integral Part of the Strategy

We are committed to providing customer service excellence while serving all customers in all aspects of our business.

Today, many organizations are faced with significant challenges in the area of customer service and service delivery for both internal and external customers. The constant change in demographics coupled with high customer expectations is making organizations rethink their customer service strategies. In the City of Brantford began to assess the current state of customer service within the organization, to research leading practices, and to develop recommendations in order to provide the City with a strategy for becoming a leader in customer service excellence.

As a result of the research conducted and recommendations presented, City Council committed financial resources to the ongoing development of this Customer Service Strategy, staff training and development and the implementation of a long-term customer-focused plan.

The Customer Service Strategy aligns our customer service commitment with our customer service vision, guiding principles, guidelines, resource allocation, and approved implementation plan.

These will establish the Customer One Program as the customer service standard for the City of Brantford. Consistent with the City's Customer One Strategy, the City of Brantford values our customers and is committed to providing excellent customer service in all aspect of our business. The following guiding principles were established to provide customer service excellence and will be used for making internal and external customer related decisions and integrated into the day-to-day business practices at the City of Brantford.

The City of Brantford provides over programs and services to the community and remains committed to enhancing customer service throughout our operations.

However, customers may not always be satisfied with a service provided and should have the ability to express their issues or concerns to frontline staff providing the service. Customers are required to notify frontline staff in the department providing the service of their dissatisfaction with the intent of reaching a satisfactory resolution. City employees will resolve issues or concerns of a customer to the best of their ability, working within established guidelines.

If a customer is not satisfied with the handling of their complaint via regular customer service channels or by frontline staff, a formal complaint can be submitted.

Click to submit a formal complaint to the City of Brantford Online Form. Click to view "Online Service Directory". Apply for Housing Online Quick and easy way for people seeking affordable housing to apply online. Brantford and Area Business Directory Navigate over categorized directory listings. Brantford Utilities e-Billing City of Brantford water, wastewater and Brantford Hydro rental equipment - offering e-billing and more.

Have feedback focus groups and suggestion schemes. Use your own systems to test what customers are facing. Complaints are free market research and should be welcomed. Is the step in the process really benefiting everyone, or does it just make lifer easier for one area at the expense of others? If they are to be considered as an integral part of a strategy which is about improving customer service, one or more of them could be very useful.

There are no quick fixes in improving customer service, but there can be some quick wins. Make sure that you measure the right things, not the easiest things — will it get looked at? The true question is — are you doing it to give yourself a warm feeling inside, or to see where you have to make changes? Benchmarking can be a key part of your measurement programme.

Learning from other sectors can often be much more beneficial than same-sector comparisons. The full involvement and commitment of both staff and customers in a customer service excellence programme can depend greatly on your skills at communicating with them. This requires a coordinated strategy of communications utilising all available tools. A reputation for great service can be easily lost. Being great at customer service is something to tell the world about, as long as you really are great.

Click here to read the other articles in the series. I would add for items 5 and 6 the use of real time automated customer surveys as I woould of course as they are a powerful way of turning non-advocates into advocates as well as spotting staff or process issues quickly. It is nice tips for customer service strategy.

Please click here if you are not redirected within a few seconds. The Top 10 Customer Service Strategies. Top Customer Service Strategies — No. Top customer service strategies - No. Top customer service strategies — No 9. In these current market conditions, prevention is better than losing customers! Alan Weaser 23 Feb at 7: Choose the content that you want to receive.

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The main principle that underpins our customer service strategy is that we will organise the department and its services around the needs and aspirations of university students and staff. Developing customer experience is a challenge many organisations are grappling with. While great service is a must, it's customer experience which differentiates you from your competition. Welcome to the Customer Service Strategy which sets. out our commitment to our customers. It includes our vision for customer service delivery and reflects the fact that we aim to be a customer focused organisation which delivers a consistently good service, striving for.