How are currency prices determined?

It is generally to prevent retail investors from losing big time this is what RBI claims! Will include it towards the end of this module. For whatever reasons after 6 months the price stays at Rs. What will be my profit or loss? October 27, at 7: Suppose I want to buy 20 lots. Now my query is , does the premium price a function of difference of price between current and strike price?

Is binary options trading legal in India? Update Cancel. ad by Profits Run. Because in Forex trading, we buy foreign currency to trade (for ex. 1 lot), but in Binary trading, we do not buy anything, we merely predict the movement. Originally Answered: Is binary option trading legal in India? If no, then is there any way to do this.

1.1– Breaking the Ice

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Benefits of Currency Futures

The exchange launched its currency futures trading platform on 29th August, Currency futures on USD-INR were introduced for trading and subsequently the Indian rupee was allowed to trade against other currencies such as euro, pound sterling and the Japanese yen. Currency Options was introduced on October 29, 2) Currency trading hour is am to pm. 3) There is no cash or equity form like we use in indian stock market, for trading this currency you need to open a trading account only with a broker & no need to open a demat account. 4) we can only trade future & option segments in currency market. Discover the potential of online currency trading in India by trading in instruments ranging from futures, options to inter-currency trading.