The 7th highest result is the supplementary number. The cold numbers are on the contrary those ones drawn up the least. Really good trade and hit full profit straightaway so thanks for sharing that on the webinar yesterday Richard! Every week millions of players in New South Wales dream about what they'd do if their numbers came up or if they scratched their way to instant wealth. Wednesday Lotto , Wednesday Tatts Lotto How to play Wednesday Lotto Wednesday Lotto numbers are drawn from a machine containing 45 balls, numbered from 1 to 45 inclusive.

61 rows · Pools Results. All football result, soccer result,live score,panel,pools result and Result of Saturday matches here. Quick links to pool sources. Posts Topics: Last post by Fixed Expert in Week 9 Pools Results for on September 08, , AM Predictions. Football Matches Banker Fixed Draws Predictions with total accuracy.

Powerball Lotto

Sure Banker Fixed Draws April 29, , Week 42 Pools Results for Sat 28th Apr. Pools Results April 28, , Sure Banker Fixed Draws April 23, , Week 41 Pools Results for Sat 21st Apr. Pools Results April 21, , Sure Banker Fixed Draws April 15, , Week 40 Pools Results for Sat 14th Apr.

Pools Results April 14, , Sure Banker Fixed Draws April 08, , Week 39 Pools Results for Sat 7th Apr. Pools Results April 07, , Sure Banker Fixed Draws April 02, , Week 38 Pools Results for Sat 31st Mar. Pools Results March 31, , Sure Banker Fixed Draws March 25, , Week 37 Pools Results for Sat 24th Mar.

Pools Results March 24, , Sure Banker Fixed Draws March 18, , Week 36 Pools Results for Sat 17th Mar. Pools Results March 17, , Sure Banker Fixed Draws March 12, , Week 35 Pools Results for Sat 10th Mar.

Pools Results March 10, , Sure Banker Fixed Draws March 06, , Week 34 Pools Results for Sat 3rd Mar. Pools Results March 03, , Sure Banker Fixed Draws February 26, , Week 33 Pools Results for Sat 24th Feb. Pools Results February 24, , He checked off the Powerball winning numbers 8, 15, 33, 21 and 36 and chose 3 for the PB. For one or another reason it was only Saturday morning of that draw week when the man went to check Powerball results. He returned home to astound his wife with the breaking news.

They turned out to be that lucky AUD6 mln jackpot winners and could already make their life plans come true: Australian Powerball Record Jackpots Powerball has its own history of the sensational jackpot wins! The jackpot was split by the two Aussies having enough luck to match the right Powerball winning numbers 15, 21, 17, 45 and 13 and 37 for the PB. Play and check Powerball results online and good luck! How to play Monday Lotto Monday Lotto numbers are drawn from a machine containing 45 balls, numbered from 1 to 45 inclusive.

For a standard game, you choose 6 numbers from this range. In total, 8 balls are drawn of which the first 6 are the winning numbers. The last 2 balls are the supplementary numbers.

The chance of winning a Division One prize in Monday Lotto is 1 in 8,, Monday Lotto Results Australian Monday Lotto is a regular-type jackpot-style over-the-counter and online lottery game with a grand prize the so-called 1st Division prize starting off at AUD1 mln.

Whenever the number of winning tickets exceeds 4, each winning ticket will cash the equal share of the AUD4 mln prize. It also offers the additional 5 secondary prize divisions requiring fewer numbers to match. Take a chance to become another lucky Australian online lottery millionaire, play and keep up with the latest Monday Lotto results no to miss your life-changing opportunity.

Monday Lotto is one of several popular Australian online lotteries and over-the-counter lotto products beloved and played across Australia. As the lottery name suggest, the draws are carried out one time a week on Monday. In other words, it requires choosing 6 numbers from the pool of 1 to 45 to succeed in winning the jackpot, should all the chosen numbers match the drawn ones. After the main Monday Lotto numbers are drawn, the 2 bonus Monday Lotto numbers also known as supplementary are randomly picked, which is destined to increase the count of possible secondary winning combinations.

Nowadays you may choose among several options to check latest Monday Lotto results and Australian lotto results. Surely you may go to the nearest lottery retail outlet to find out Australian Monday Lotto results.

It goes without saying that web services offer the easiest and fastest way to check result for lottery draws as most lottery operators have already moved to the on-line market. It rather convenient as far as one can buy Monday Lotto tickets, check latest Monday Lotto results and make inquiries without leaving his apartment.

Australian Monday Lotto results, the winning numbers combinations and prize dividends are usually available after the draws carried out every Monday evening.

Australian Monday Lotto is a regular-type jackpot-style over-the-counter and online lottery game with a grand prize the so-called 1st Division prize starting off at AUD1 mln. In this way the Lotto played on Monday and Wednesday are the two over-the-counter and online lottery games sharing the same draw format yet having their own prize pools. Sam Fabio, a truck driver from Western Australia, came to be known as the first player to win Monday Lotto grand prize. It was back in March when the lucky guy won about AUD1.

In August where was the second bonus number added to the Australian Monday Lotto game-play. The latest modification was introduced in to align the game with Saturday Lotto. Over the span of April and May , Monday Lotto operators introduced the so-called cash roll down. Whereby, if there was no jackpot winner, it was rolled down and shared in the lower prize divisions. What are the chances to win the Australian Monday Lotto? Obviously enough, the higher is the prize division expected to be won the lower are the chances to win.

And what is more important the win rates will be determined by the total count of games to be played in every draw. In this way, the chances to get the jackpot will be 1 to over 8 mln for a single game, 1 to over , for 12 games, 1 to , for 14 games and so and on and so forth. The same goes with the other prize divisions. Mind, the ticket will be priced higher as more games are played. This Australian online lottery offers rather competitive winning odds and prizes of 6 different divisions which is millions in cash.

So do not be late for the next Monday Lotto draw, play and check latest Monday Lotto results online. Study the table below to evaluate your chances to win in Australia Monday Lotto and decide on the amount of games to be played. How to play and win Australian Monday Lotto? Monday Lotto just like any other Australian online lottery offers a set of standard game-play features. Every lottery player is free to opt between them either to save time, to play more games, play his special or favorite numbers or to hike his chances to win the pot or multiple prize divisions.

QuickPick means that the numbers will be generated automatically either for the specific game or for the all games at once. The 6 favorite numbers are played on the Marked Coupon. You can increase the win rates using the System Entry and Pick Entry features. The first one concerns systematic approach to the game via using more numbers. This will produce all entry combinations possible with the chosen numbers from 8 to 20 increasing the equivalent of games played and respectively the possibility to win something.

With a Pick Entry feature you will get 1 or 2 Monday Lotto winning numbers guaranteed for your entry in advance. The additional options allow playing the same numbers for up to 10 weeks along with making advance entries for up to 10 weeks prior to any draw. The statistics is based on the historic Australian Monday Lotto results. Obviously enough, it is advisable to play lotteries checking off the hot and avoid the cold numbers. The suggested hottest Monday Lotto winning numbers are 19, 24, 13, 18, 27, 32, 38, 28, while the coldest Monday Lotto winning numbers are 16, 19, 45, 12, 33, 8.

The hot and cold numbers statistics is not just confined to choosing 1 number from the 1 to 45 guess range. It can also cover frequency of pair, triplets and quadruplets of numbers and is offered by various on-line services.

It was reported in November and was split between the 3 winning tickets. How to play Saturday Lotto Tattslotto Saturday Lotto numbers Tattslotto are drawn from a machine containing 45 balls numbered from 1 to 45 inclusive. The chance of winning a Division One prize in Saturday Lotto is 1 in 8,, Saturday Lotto Results, Tattslotto Results Saturday Lotto Tattslotto , is a widely popular Aussie game of chance featuring impressive win rates and jackpot size.

It provides 6 cash prize categories along with the grand jackpot which are all tax free. Decided to try your luck in Australian online lottery, then why not choose Saturday Lotto. And who knows, maybe it's your number-one chance to become the lucky jackpot winner! Take a chance to become a millionaire, play and keep up with the latest Saturday Lotto results no to miss your life-changing opportunity.

There are several ways to check Saturday Lotto results and Australian lotto results. Surely you may go to the nearest lottery retail outlet to check Saturday Lotto results. It's hardly arguable that getting info updates via the web is the fastest and the easiest way to do that.

Keep up with the latest Saturday Lotto results online! It is very convenient for those having no time or desire to watch the draw TV broadcasts or contact retailers to find out latest Saturday Lotto results. Game play and win rates Offering six prize categories, Australian Saturday Lotto is a popular game of chance where the 6 main numbers and 2 supplementary ones are drawn randomly every Saturday from a barrel of 1 to 45 the same goes about its mid-week counterparts, Monday and Wednesday Lotto.

Check off the right 6 winning Saturday Lotto numbers to win the main prize and make sure the entry is made by 7. Apart from the main lottery numbers, there are two extra numbers giving a chance to win the cash prizes of the 2nd, 5th and 6th divisions matching 1 or 2 of them.

Apart from the impressive win rates all prizes are tax exempt! Remember that your winning chances are determined by the total count of games you are going to play on your ticket. Hence the win rates for the 1st division prize for a single standard game entry will be 1 in 8,,; 1 in , for 12 games and 1 in , for 14 games. The ticket price will grow progressively with the higher number of games chosen. Deciding on your Australian Saturday Lotto strategy Tattslotto No matter whether you are a first-timer playing for fun or a lotto pro being really into the game, you will have to decide on your strategy.

This may concern the way you fill in your ticket or online lottery entries and the number of games you play to increase chances to win the grand and the secondary cash prizes. Some players, especially the beginners, may find themselves at a loss choosing their ticket or online lottery numbers from the barrel. Use the offered QuickPick option to get Saturday Lotto numbers randomly generated for you by the machine. Marking Coupon allows you to choose your favourite and special Saturday Lotto numbers for the entry.

Thus you may play from 4 to 18 panels. Doubt you chances to win using standard game-play, then you can make use of the System Entry option. Simply speaking it offers more numbers to play in every entry, which obviously positively affects the win rates for multiple prize divisions. It could be a really good choice for Australian online lottery fans playing in groups.

Still you can opt for the ever more promising feature - a Pick Entry. I strongly believe with any finances the more you are in control of it yourself the better. As soon as you let that control go and hand that over to someone else you really are at the mercy of them or their system. Or find another one or trade copy someone else. So other things I want to quickly mention. Subscribe to my Podcast! Click any of the channels below! Are You New to Trading Forex? Weekly Commentary Videos Do The Experts Really Trade?

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