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For breakevens, an acronym some candidates find helpful is PSH: What is Options Trading? When this opportunity came, Daniel realized that he was too young to retire and he finally decided to start teaching again. If it's a call option, and the stock is expected to go HIGHER than your strike price, you can sell that option to someone else for that person to profit and take the risk that it may fall before he can use it , or you can hold on to it and keep the risk to yourself, and choose to exercise the option or not at the end. They can be considered quite similar to your insurance policies.

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In , he was promoted as Offshore Manager in the company where he worked and spent almost all his year in Singapore where he participated and shined in managing, marketing, and property sales of the business.

In , he became an accredited Real Estate agent and he decided to establish his own agency. His business partner was his mother, Sharyn. In their agency, they are usually managing the features of the property. It covers investing, developing, sales, on-site management and maintenance.

In , he met Anthony Robbins, the famous American motivation coach. In early , he was invited by Tony Robbins to teach options trading at their Wealth Mastery course. When this opportunity came, Daniel realized that he was too young to retire and he finally decided to start teaching again.

In the same year, he founded Trading Pursuits, a business venture that aims to bring together a combination of two of his passions in life: Free tickets to a Daniel Kertcher seminar? Simply enter your email in the form below and click the button quick smart. Your article makes great sense. I have sold off all my investments and put the cash into condominium.

I believe the future trend is for property cost to appreciate. Many other investors are also adopting the same strategy it seems. There is a very informative and revealing forum thread relating to Daniel Kertcher on the Aussie Stock Forums website: Your email address will not be published. Players look at stock charts to identify trading opportunities. Every chart is an actual real-life stock chart, with real stock prices. Therefore, players learn how to trade options using realistic trading examples, thus providing true-to-life experiences.

The DVD with the board game explains:. Successful option traders all share a variety of similar skills and techniques. It allows anyone and everyone to learn these valuable skills in a fun atmosphere, whilst not risking real money. The game can be played alone, or in a group! Six player pieces are included, but larger groups can play too! Some of the skills that players will learn from playing include: You never know, you're partner may become a great trader!

And…there is a No-Risk Guarantee, too: Try The Game — Risk Nothing. I'm so confident that this board game will help you enormously with your trading, I'm willing to offer the guarantee period of a full 30 days.

The Basics

Call Up Put Down is a boardgame from Trading Pursuits Pty Ltd, a trading education company. The objective of the game is to earn $1,, from trading options. They begin with a starting capital (usually $10,), and then make decisions whether to buy / sell Call options or Put options based on the charts viewed on the DVD. The DVD . This Options Trading Board Game is a realistic options trading environment, allowing players to experience the excitement and emotions of real-life options trading. Players start with a modest amount of trading capital, and by trading options, they either make profits and/or losses. Jan 29,  · Need put and call options explained in a simplified manner? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered. Puts and calls are used in options trading. the green and red columns show how much the calls and puts have gone up or down HOW TO TRADE PUT AND CALL OPTIONS CONTRACTS. OPTIONS TRADING COURSE. Set up your virtual trading 5/5(5).