DMAWorks - How To Trade FCPO & FKLI In Malaysia Futures Market

I am not looking for the magic recipe as there is none. Why this blog is written? We send occasional priority information on products, contests, promotions and events throughout the year. Enter the details and click on the compute button to find out if you are making a profit or a loss. Dow slips date on Portugal fear.

In order to proceed with my trading, I forked out some of my saving to "sponsor" my trading account. From trading position, I switched to intraday. Scalping and swing trading became my motto.

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For risk taker, retracement is a buy. Dow sentiment can play an important role in influncing asian market. Dow slips date on Portugal fear. Asia shares could fall on Wednesday after Dow fell in the face on Europe's mounting debt crises and tensions on the economy.

Today market low is Level of rebound from to Level of rebound from This time observe whether Based on daily chart, stohastic is on the low side, unless the world sentiment is bad and China increase interest rate..

Today asian market positive. Euro falls versus the U. Asian market rebound for the Ireland news announcement. Watch out , Market intraday retracement from to up 15,. New claims for unemployment benefits hit their lowest level in more than two years last week while consumer spending for a fourth straight month in October.

Next level of rebound will be heading to - , must be broken this time. Should it break level, then the fibonaci should be from Tomorrow CPI announcement and losting of Petrochemical. Fibonacci retracement from The latest low Buy call when there is retracement, this morning 60 min chart, convergence at macd, stohastic, and price. At the same time, have to watch out for the rebound level whether the latest high broken or form a lower high and lower low formation.

Market rebound from Level of retracement will be FKLI well supported, Higher low formation Need to monitor the situation at Korea war. Advised to be cautious. Global markets rise on late-day rally on Wall Street.

Euro rise on hopes an Irish aid package is near. Oil falls as investors weigh China's move on inflation. This news and US up will push our market to rebound to next level to In this anylysis, advices retracement low to buy provided these two level is not broken. Level of rebound will be Market rises as Irish debt woes ease, Spain sell bonds. Dollar weaken on Fed pans, further boosting commodities. Today asian sentiment is positive, anyway to be cautious with China fear of interest rate hike.

Low is geting higher too Fkli closed discount to KLCI Dollar drop vs euro, yen and Swiss franc. Dollar strenghten as Ireland debt woes. It is first time having high discount. Bear in mind Today market will rebound. Level of rebound US stock rebound as uncertainty ease, Cisco come off late trade. Fkli did not break high Technically it formed double top for both market, so it health for the market to correct down before it want to resume new high provided world sentimen still firm. Since the market has break two latest high that is Level of retracement from Daily chart, divergence at macd, index and stohastic.

Today is a bear trap with Dow up yesterday, and most asian market up export Msia down Goernment link stock will close their Financial year end window dressing starting middle of the month till next month. Any big drop in term of price advise to buy the index. Financial stocks, which already soft, were hit by hard as interest rate rose late in the day.

Stock and bonds tumble while commodities soar to 2 year high as dollar weaken but retreat in late trade, dollar surges gold retreat from high. The violality of the bond, stock and commodities depend on dollar weaken and strengthen. Dow ret reated from a two year high on Monday, weighted down by financial stock and a stronger dollar.

Dollar strenghten on euro debt worries, G20 meeting. Market pull back to previous high of Market holding firm, heading toward , Jan high.

Hang Seng closed down 1. Boosted by US job date. Dow navigated through three major landmines last week - the election, the Fed Reserver meeting and job report. Today is the by election date at Galas and Batu Sapi.

For those high risk taker, hold, cut loss at , Msia uptrend still intact, look at market refused to come down thought indicator show divergence. Advice to buy at retracement and take profit at new high high. Energy stocks, gold, and other commodities higher as a result of weaker dollar against basket of currency.

Uncertainty over the size of the Federal Reserve expected stimulus program due on Wednesday has kept the market from ending big gains or losses in recent days. Traders are waiting Fed Reserve to spur spending, a process know as quantitative easing. Malaysia Investment and Finance. Bursa Malaysia Stock Price Target. Wee Peng Ng - Hi Price http: Gorilla Investment News Opportunities. He has moved on to another site at http: Join us in our new chat group in Telegram - We can now discuss about stocks while having a cup of coffee using our smartphones.

Join us at our chat group in Telegram. Please help explain about ratio. Go to Source 4 years ago. Where is Ze Moola. Asian Stocks Rise First Time in Four Days as Yen Weakens - Asian stocks rose, with the benchmark regional index climbing for the first time in four days, as the yen weakened against the dollar, boosting the earnin Reminiscence of Stock Operator.

Selected Stock Hot News. To Be A Success Trader. Apr13 - There is indication of positive progress in its new work permit renewal service. MYEG had secured its first major contract from a plantation government lin The Company is also engaged in the My Prediction Stock Market.

There are also a few people who like to request for Trading In Bursa Malaysia. Warrants Update - So long I didn't post. For your information, I have just updated the warran Will try to buy when it listed. But wondering what is the best price to go in? Some experts said below RM Pick 5 stocks - 6 years ago. World of Malaysian SMEs. Yes, this is the 3rd article on Texchem. Just In Time News. Silver Bird Feb - Bakery products manufacturer is adopting a global strategy for its food business as it capitalizes on its strategic collaboration with its major shareholde I don't want to discuss about another market e.

With US economy bubbles, Euro d Hot money flow in, the stock value go up, Hot money flow out, the stock value go down. The value in stock market is It is better to inform you all of my decision rather than wastin This blog is temporary closed - This blog is belong to jay fly not belong to others links for commercial purpose , u can get investment tips by add millionaire shares investment platinum Stay Ahead of Stock Pick.

Roller Coaster Journey to Financial Freedom. KLSE Stock analysis comment. Talk and Share Mah! My Forum - Hi, please note my new site with forum feature at www. I am waiting for the time to come, believe it will happ Cow Peh Cow Bu Bhd.

Pigoyin - Little Cottage. Show 10 Show All. Malaysian palm oil price snaps losing streak on technical correction - Malaysian palm oil futures edged higher on Thursday evening to snap four sessions of declines on a technical correction and support from a strong demand ou Of course, the paper trades' results were fantastic.

Eventually, I ventured into "real" futures trading. In early trading, I won and lost money. And I think that was quite normal. I didn't worry about the losing trades because my capital still "enough" for me to continue with my trading journey. You see, men are greedy. I started to "dream" of making "big" money by trading larger position. A series of disastrous losing trades nearly wiped out my account.

Then I was beginning to doubt my ability to be a "successful" trader. In order to proceed with my trading, I forked out some of my saving to "sponsor" my trading account. From trading position, I switched to intraday. Scalping and swing trading became my motto. I can "easily" recoup my early trading losses, maybe with in few days. I proceed my trading adventure, pretending like an Intraday Expert.

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Sep 02,  · FKLI Futures Trading - Bursamalaysia This will chronicle trading in the FKLI & FCPO futures. If you don't like what you see/read in this blog, just surf away. This is a myth created by people who wants to sell useless trading systems at high prices. If you really want to understand trading, you need to move beyond these myths. Some trading strategies can get a bit complex, but rarely for the reasons that people outside the industry would expect. Practical issues are often a cause of complexity for instance. Tag: Fkli Trading Strategy Fkli Trading Strategy- Minetech Resources Berhad (KLSE:MINETEC): How Does This Stock Rank Value-Wise? Investigating valuation rankings for Minetech Resources Berhad (KLSE:MINETEC), we see that the stock has a Value Composite score of