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You select the option of the type of accommodation you want You do not have to select the dates here if they are the same as the course - they are automatically selected. Enjoy complete Spanish immersion. Want to learn more about Granada? However, the school can supply you with all the documentation you need to support your visa application. Indeed, Enforex Granada is a small school, with a capacity of students, which makes it a perfect place to receive personalized attention and to feel right at home. Class level All levels , beginner to advanced You will take a placement test on your first day to determine your class level. Our special Global Junior program was created for younger international who want learn Spanish quickly and effectively while having fun with an all-inclusive study abroad program.

Enforex Spanish language school in Granada is ideal to receive personal attention and feel right at home. This school offers Spanish language courses for all levels within a friendly and unique immersion environment in Granada, Spain.

Study Spanish in Granada, Spain

There are places available. Days of the course: You will work on every interpretive and expressive skills while increasing cultural knowledge: Students practice listening techniques and strategies to understand oral messages and increase listening comprehension. Increase understanding of written content and reading comprehension through an active learning process including the studying of spelling rules, punctuation and vocabulary. Mechanisms for communicating correctly in writing are worked through a variety of activities and exercises.

The understanding of words and grammar is fundamental to understand and produce texts. Development of lexicon is an important teaching priority. Spanish Exam Preparation 5 lessons per week. You can get it anywhere in the world where there is a recognized DELE exam center no matter what your level.

Many doors are just waiting to open. This diploma is an invaluable asset for students who wish to study at Spanish universities or would like to work in a Spanish-speaking country. This course is designed to prepare you to pass the DELE exam at any of its 6 levels. Half Board Minimum age: Sold out - Unavailable. First, it's the best way to get to know Spanish culture and see what daily life is like for a native Spaniard.

Maximum 20 minutes traveling time from the school, either walking or by public transportation. Full Board Minimum age: Student apartment - Single rooms Students per room: Self Service Minimum age: Our student apartments in Spain bring together international students from the Enforex School in a pleasant, open atmosphere.

The apartments are not luxurious, but are completely furnished and equipped. No meals are offered but each apartment has a kitchen with a microwave, pans, cutlery and everything you might need to cook your own food. Student apartment - Double rooms Students per room: No transfer Granada airport, train or bus station Malaga airport, train or bus station Granada airport, train or bus station Malaga airport, train or bus station Granada airport, train or bus station traveling alone Malaga airport, train or bus station traveling alone Granada airport, train or bus station 2 or more people Malaga airport, train or bus station 2 or more people.

To book please select the number of students besides the course you would like to book. Transfer Transfer 0 Students: You are saving 0. Payment Due now 0.

Top 5 European Travel Agency Enforex Granada Number of classrooms: If you are researching airfare costs, we recommend using Kayak. Study abroad worry-free with Language International's health and personal effects insurance coverage. When you book a course with us, you can opt to purchase an international insurance plan that covers not only your health care cost but also loss of your personal belongings.

You must book your insurance in advance when you register. Get answers from Enforex staff, Language International student advisors, and past students. We're here to help. The minimum duration for a language course is usually two weeks, but students benefit the most starting from the 3rd and 4th weeks of their language course, after they get used to the new environment.

By this time, the early distractions are over and the student has "settled in". The average student takes about 12 weeks of language studies abroad. For adults who want to learn a language as quickly as possible for academic or professional reasons.

For students who want to prepare for language proficiency tests. For business executives who want to study a language to be able to do business. For children ages 8 to 12 and teenagers ages 13 to 18 who want to study a language in the summer.

Enforex offers the following course types: Granada offers the following course types: With two or three students at the same language level, these offer the opportunity get plenty teacher attention and deepen in specific gaps. All students must have the same level, take the class together and arrive together. Private One-to-One Classes 1 class per week Duration: Private classes are carefully crafted and tailored to your goals, needs, interests, and learning style. Intensive Spanish 10 Duration: With fewer hours of class each day, this program is ideal for combining with other activities.

Intensive Spanish 20 Duration: This course is designed for students who want to begin communicating as quickly as possible and are eager to experience the culture of their chosen destination first hand. You will leave feeling more confident, with improved overall communications skills, fluency in Spanish, and complete independence.

Private One-to-One Classes 5 classes per week Duration: Intensive Spanish 25 Duration: This course is perfect for students looking to make solid and quick progress in Spanish. You will be able to combine 20 interactive Spanish lessons per week with 5 extra Spanish culture and conversation classes. Super Intensive Spanish 30 Duration: Learn Spanish with a combination of group classes, semi-private classes, and culture workshops to get all the benefits of each type of learning environment and further your knowledge of both the language and the culture.

Start your Super Intensive 30 program and discover everything you can gain from learning Spanish, no matter what your level is. Private One-to-One Classes 10 classes per week Duration: Private One-to-One Classes 20 classes per week Duration: Our special Global Junior program was created for younger international who want learn Spanish quickly and effectively while having fun with an all-inclusive study abroad program.

They will participate in 20 Spanish Classes per week various activities sports, sightseeing, workshops, movies, etc. Test preparation Age range: It is an exam of great value for those planning to study at a Spanish university or who intend to work in a Spanish-speaking country. Internship only weeks Duration: Within the context of southern Spain and the torrid heat that often assails the region, this turns the city into a particularly agreeable place.

While the sun shines on Granada for close to 3, hours every year, its proximity to the Baetic System, and in particular to the Sierra Nevada, the range's highest mountain, means that a skiing excursion to one of the many slopes on the Sierra is often possible as late in the year as April, when the thermometer usually reads somewhere between 15 and 20 degrees on a daily basis in the city.

Few things can be as sublime as enjoying a sweet downward slide on the fresh snow under the burgeoning sun. This, of course, is not where the magic of Granada's location ends. For a good skiing session under the sun you could go anywhere in the Alps, the Pyrenees or the Dolomites. But nowhere in those mountain ranges are you faced with the extravagance of a morning ski run and an afternoon dip in the sea.

That is precisely what you could do, if you chose to learn Spanish in Granada for some time. Because the Mediterranean coastline, with small and not so small coves and beaches, is but an hour away from Granada. Known worldwide for the extraordinary palaces of La Alhambra and Generalife, Granada is an endlessly fascinating city teeming with history and exquisite beauty. For this very reason, Enforex has conceived different courses that allow you to discover the magic housed inside these ancient walls while you learn Spanish in Granada.

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Learn Spanish in Granada with Enforex. Discover Granada, a beautiful and unique city in Spain. Study Spanish in Granada and experience total culture immersion at this Enforex school where Spanish courses are offered for all levels. The language school Enforex was founded in Granada, Spain in Located in the heart of Granada in Barrio Realejo, just a short walk to Granada’s main sites. See student reviews, school photos, Spanish courses, and housing options available at Enforex: Granada in Granada, Spain.