Top three most successful Forex traders ever

He also started a non-profit organization that helps to educate people at all ages. Stanley Druckenmiller from Philadelphia started his financial career in at a position of management trainee in Pittsburgh bank. It withdrew from the ERM and the value of the pound plummeted against the mark. There, he attended the London School of Economics after which he began his business career by working at merchant banks, before forming his first hedge fund, Double Eagle. Soros is currently one of the thirty wealthiest individuals in the world. Bruce Kovner was born in in Brooklyn, New York. The currency raids in these instances were not necessarily malicious although some may view them as such , but the huge positions did cause the currencies to decline quicker than they may have otherwise.

In , Andy Krieger, a year-old currency trader at Bankers Trust, was carefully watching the currencies that were rallying against the dollar following the Black Monday crash.

Andy Krieger Versus the Kiwi

He suggests that a good risk reward ratio for short term trades is 3: Bill also believes that having a passion for trading itself is the right way to approach forex trading. He believes that to be successful, a trader must stop focusing on earning money and rather, on perfecting the process.

The profit will be a by-product of your success. Another one of the successful traders in forex is Andrew Krieger. He also made a fortune trading the major currency event, Black Wednesday. Known as one of the most aggressive currency traders, he joined Salomon Brothers after graduating from Wharton. Born in in Brooklyn, New York, Bruce Kovner, is the last of the top five forex traders in this list.

He studied political economy at Harvard University and engaged in a number of activities like political campaigning, writing, and cab driving before discovering commodities trading.

It was in that he made his first trade, a soybeans futures contract that he bought by borrowing against his own credit card. This taught him a valuable lesson in risk management that shaped him into the trader that he became.

During his eventual employment at Commodities Corporation, he reportedly made millions in profits for the firm, which bolstered his reputation as a cool headed and objective trader. Like previous traders on this list like Soros, Kovner also uses macroeconomic fundamentals to trade, however unlike the others he heavily uses technical analysis as a tool to execute his trades.

He meticulously observes global economic reports, in order to determine information consensus that the market is not confirming on the charts. He then exploits this. He believes that technical analysis is a crucial component to any fundamental approach to trading, and is known for his ability to hold long trades with conviction.

He is also a stickler for risk management and this includes always having predetermined stops on his trades. He firmly believes that a trader should be willing to make mistakes and to learn from them. If you are asking yourself how to be a successful forex trader , after reading our review of successful forex traders, then look no further.

If you really looked at the similarities of all these men then you would notice that the majority of them had some motivation other than making money to trade. It was this motivation that allowed them to stay disciplined and objective and to make the aggressive trading positions that no one else would have.

They were passionate about what they did. They found it interesting and they worked on trading the right way. If we could learn a few things from them, it would be to:. If we can learn these things properly, then we may just be one step closer to following their remarkable successes.

I specialise in analyzing the market and using different indicators to study the charts and the market trend.

If you are old enough, you will never forget Black Monday. There was no one reason for this — in fact, the tumult in the markets became a self-fulfilling prophecy as investors ran for the doors. At the time of the crash, Andy Krieger was known as one of the most aggressive currency traders in the world. After graduating from Wharton, he joined Salomon Brothers and then moved on to Bankers Trust in As Krieger watched the aftermath of Black Monday unfold, he became aware of just how vulnerable the New Zealand dollar had become.

Their stories are full of hard work, dedication, and patience. They are people with the power of influence, whose moves had an impact on the whole industry.

Bruce Kovner was born in in Brooklyn, New York. As his success began, he put his interests into hedge funds. His style is described as smart and brave, and his Forex trading strategies are always up-to-date.

Kovner is a founder of Caxton Associates he started it I , which is now in the top 10 most successful hedge funds in the world. He retired from the trading world in Bill Lipschutz is an American full-time foreign exchange trader.

He has a B. Next to his duties connected with the university, he was always keen on stock and Forex market. This operation made him one of the best traders on Forex. During his career, he experienced a big loss. Due to one bad trading decision he lost his entire capital. After this event, he gave more notice to risk management, which he carried on throughout his further career.

His position allowed him to even gain profit from the Black Monday crash in Stanley Druckenmiller from Philadelphia started his financial career in at a position of management trainee in Pittsburgh bank. After a quick success, in he started his own company, Duquesne Capital Management.

Later he was managing capital for George Soros for a few years.

Stanley Druckenmiller

rex Crunch is a site all about the foreign exchange market, which consists of news, opinions, daily and weekly forex analysis, technical analysis, tutorials, basics of the forex market, forex software posts, insights about the forex industry and whatever is related to Forex. How to Trade Forex like Andy Krieger. If you are old enough, you will never forget Black Monday. On October 19th , the financial markets plummeted. If you are old enough, you will never forget Black Monday. On October 19th , the financial markets plummeted, with the . Andrew Krieger was a currency trader at Bankers Trust who conducted a one-man raid on the New Zealand dollar (the kiwi) in Krieger used currency option to heavily short the kiwi.