NIFTY Options Trading by RAJ

Ask New Question Sign In. He was standing outside of Seminar hall and smiling and talking networking with all the white collared individuals who he thought was a dignitory. Go to the www. Every post is making me to learn new stuff. Simple mathematical approach to choose a right strike for trade: To know the max pain strike price here is what we need to do - Write down all the strike prices.

Option Trading is the only area where one can adapt non directional trading strategies by writing the options on delta neutral basis and hedging the positions always. It was a wonderful experience for me to attend such a workshop being conducted by an eminent Banker with lot of knowledge in Stock market trading.


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For “Options Trading”, this is extremely useful as it shows where the rest of the market participants are seeing support and resistance. The “Option Writer” and “Option Buyer” both can use this table to improve their odds in trading. Whenever that pullback happens, you will need to buy Nifty Call Option, now I am telling how to choose correct strike price for nifty options, just look at this example: If the nifty spot is then buy nifty call options i.e. out of money options. Set target as double of . Options trading is a zero-sum game between Option Buyers and Sellers. Most options (both calls and puts) expire worthless at Expiration date. It was first proven by John Summa of Option Nerd on his research paper. Various organization has validated same for Indian Markets. The probability stays in.