Foreign exchange trading faces SFO criminal investigation

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T he Serious Fraud Office has closed its investigation into the $ trillion (£ trillion) a day foreign exchange market after almost two years, having sifted through in excess of half a million documents.

Latest Sign of the Serious Nature of the Global Investigation Into Currency Trading

She also got 3 million more across the USA. This is why Dems should be really scared about the elections. I went to high school in San Francisco. It's a beautiful city, but was happy to get out.

She just got dumped by the CA state Dems, but should win anyway. This is the only answer. Making a stolen identity or claim any taxes as illegal should be felony tax evasion, bank fraud, identity theft, etc. It's not in government elections, just for the SF board of education elections. Still bullshit, but in November we're still gonna grab California by the Cox.

And do you think that once given this cookie people won't want a glass of milk? Election laws are so lax in many states that all you need to have is proof of address to vote and you can register online.

I went to another mid-western state this weekend and I think I'm moving out. The days when that would have sounded ridiculous to me are long gone. I've caught on to sooo many patterns of actions, behaviors, and rhetoric that it's impossible for me to not notice them. What you said is not at ALL crazy. Not even a little bit.

This is outright sedition of not treason, the fact these people wont see the inside of a jail cell sickens me. I think the law or whatever says they can vote in local and state elections, but not federal, which is still insane. Someone can stroll across the border, vote for a the mayor they want and leave.

How the fuck do they plan to deal with bus loads of illegals that are going to be brought up just to vote and then taken back? But whats stopping an illegal from voting in the midterms once we give them the voter registration? Their name will be on the rolls. Of course we all know that non-citizens vote all the time, especially in California.

Ontario put in a new sex-ed curriculum a couple of years ago or so. Actually it's even worse. If you're talking about who I'm pretty sure you're talking about, this man is a convicted child molester. He also raped his own daughters. And yet, this demonic person was permitted to oversee at the very minimum-he claimed he had no influence on the content, but only an unfathomably stupid person could possibly ever believe that the creation of that sick fucking sex-ed curriculum.

I actually read through it a while back, it's honestly fucking outrageous. It's not sedition because the judicial system will just say "this is the way the country is now, so it's not overthrowing the authority of the country". However, I am absolutely certain that if we ever start to actually try to change things in this country, we're gonna have to deal with some very angry government agencies who want to try us for sedition.

I'm not talking about tax cuts here, I'm talking about stuff like changing immigration, nationwide voter ID, etc. Sedition is a pretty subjective term. I don't think we will ever see it used against the left. It seems more like a political panic button to be used against the right. Pure unhalted corruption within politics; this would be nation wide with more gun control on citizens, and likely our freedom of speech curtailed with 'hate speech' laws if HRC had won.

We didn't dodge a bullet here, we dodged a nuke but the fallout is still choking us to death. This is illegal, and treasonous. ICE should pose as volunteers and lead them to a special voting booth actually back of truck where they are transported back home.

They can vote on their own damn countries' elections. It would be like those episodes of Cops where they set up a sting and mail letters saying you won a free car or TV or some shit. Hahaha that would be hilarious. They get a letter saying they "won a free trip", and when they go to collect ICE says," Literally, yes literally, every thread on the front page is anti-American.

Every chance they can get to undermine america, they upvote it. Echo chambers are quite mind numbing. Haven't read that sub for years, it has always been corrupted by the moderators, when I did read it long ago there were so many threads praising Venezuela.

That worked out great for them. Those people do not represent America or anywhere else, almost all Americans love America. Just think to the Trump balloon in London, the hype it got but turned out to be so pathetic with no one showing up. Even the bigger protests later in the day we far less people than expected and from interviews I've seen the people didn't even what they were even protesting, they used it as an excuse for a day out.. The leftists are annoying but they are seriously our best asset, walkaway is really their baby, they caused it.

Americans will subconsciously ask themselves this question: Do I hate America? Yes, then I am on the left, no then I'm on the right. Unless you are around urban Californians you have no idea just how bad it is. California will go the way of Venezuela and Greece and the useful idiots will be cheering the whole way into the abyss. The economic model there is simply unsustainable and CA politicians, especially that moron Brown, know it.

It'll all come crashing down one day and the rest of the country will have to bail them out. We already have people leaving to live in better states, soon we'll have corporations pulling out. Most if not all the loons in congress that regularly make the rounds here are from Cali.

Feinstein, Pelosi, Swalwell, that one guy who wants to ban body armor, Waters, Schiff. Waste Management wanted to set up a site where previously a landfill already existed.

Hollywood and Silicon Valley won't leave though, despite the fact that they could conduct their business anywhere else. The benefit of those 2 places being in a stagnant location is the very specific talent they seek actually seeks them out.

Hollywood has allready lost a lot of stuff to Canada, Atlanta, and new Orleans. Plus Amazon is all ready opening another headquarters outside of California. Bay Area resident here. They will do anything and everything to stay afloat. I am waiting with my popcorn to see how badly this blows up in their faces.

Nowhere to go but into a concrete box for those that resist, if they are lucky [which they are not]. All it takes is collecting a bunch of Russian nationals, walk them to board meetings and have them vote on stupid shit. Then watch the Dems Express their inner racism and make it for brown illegals only. I mean so far we've seen them defend Kim Jong un, decry world peace and shit all over equal rights and due process.

Seems as if they are completely ok with foreign collusion so long as you vote the right way. Really gets the almonds activated Because its not for the actual state or government elections, its just to vote on school elections The only good news is that voter registration information is public. They haven't yet figured out a way to hide it from ICE, so they are warning illegal aliens to seek legal assistance before they fill out the forms.

Oh this could be good, would love to see swarms of ICE vans and tens of thousands of illegals rounded up for deportation when they have their info. That's pretty much all they got. The laws are clear, no illegal aliens allowed in the country.

Can be deported at any time. Every country outside of the US, Canada, NZ, Australia, and all of Europe has semi-harsh to harsh penalties for illegally crossing the border. Unless you have money of course. If that is wrong, my bad, but I know Mexico does not want our poor and unskilled. I love when people try to defend communism and state Cuba is somewhat a success. Ya, people build rafts out of empty water jugs and travel shark infested waters to leave a "successful" nation.

The electoral college will be reset in with the census and many states I'd bet my balls Cali does count illegals. California is being invaded and the US is letting it happen. If it was a trickle I wouldn't be concerned, but tens of thousands of people cross our border illegally every month.

With Cali being a sanctuary state, I have a good guess where the are going. Well, let Cali call it's number first, then, all other states, just say their numbers times If they're allowed to cheat, why not everyone else? This was the Democrats plan all along. They're losing their black vote after giving them welfare for decades. I still remember when they would say "silly jerks, no one is it going to allow them to vote", back when we fought giving them drivers licenses.

Of course this was their end game. It's not like they are going to start pushing for marriage Its not like they are going to push it in the schools Wait I'm too late Its not like they are going to normalize public homosexual sex in the streets Its not like they are going to push to be in and control boy scouts Give the left an inch Unless you can get several million people to move with you it won't matter. Better off moving to a swing state. Might be best to move to Florida or Texas where libs are slowly migrating and taking over.

California might be lost. No might about it. That place is colonized. It's an enemy state, and within a generation we fight it. Dems are more concerned about 12 Russian Facecuck trolls than literally millions of illegal invaders. It's only for board of education I can vote for board education here in GA as a legal resident. I didn't this time but will next time now I know they can raise property tax after doing so.

An illegal however wouldn't be able to vote and you have to be a permanent legal resident, not on some temporary work Visa I can't vote for anything important and I don't try. If this guy doesn't know the difference between an immigrant and an illegal alien then he needs to lose his job immediately. But then again it's San Francisco, the retard capital of the US. I see a lot of jokes and sarcasm in the comment section. Do you realize that California is the first major landmass conquered by Comminusts and South American invaders.

Anyone who implements this policy and all who are complicit should be dealt with accordingly. I'm not talking about jail time. Our country is under seige. The United States is crumbling and this should not be taken lightly. Mexican Americans and their sympathizers are registering other actual Mexicans to vote in US elections.

Still don't believe it's an invasion? It's times like these that I kind of wish that Trump really was the sort of man the libtards imagine him to be.

Punish the left here. That's why I voted Trump in despite the social suicide. I mean, I know he's been busy and doing hard, and I know our state is filled with either idiots that don't know about economics, corrupt assholes, or genuinely good people who don't know what the fuck they are saying, but California is a part of the United States too, and I hate watching my state get shat on, even by fellow californians.

When it comes to California, may I suggest military observers of all elections taking place there? Start with a few armed soldiers stationed at every polling place So Russians can't meddle in elections but non citizens can vote If the state is allowing this to happen, wouldn't it be legal for the federal government to not count their electoral college votes? Sorry for the autistic screeching through text, this just angers me to no end. How does Designated Shitting States sound to ya?

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The decision by the SFO to drop its criminal investigation into alleged forex rigging, which also scrutinised the actions of the chatroom, could complicate matters. The SFO’s statement last year when it shut its probe was open to interpretation. The US Department of Justice is still investigating, and the SFO said it would assist the Americans with their probe. The SFO had sought interviews with former traders including Citigroup’s ex-European head of spot trading Rohan Ramchandani; Richard Usher, who moved from Royal Bank of Scotland to become JPMorgan Chase’s chief currency dealer in London; Matt Gardiner, who was at Barclays before . The U.K.’s Serious Fraud Office has closed an extensive investigation into the foreign-exchange market, saying there is “insufficient evidence for a realistic prospect of conviction.”.