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Find More Posts by hsv. Send a private message to rkkwan. Not required for stays under 90 days. Regular ATM won't offer Euros. All times are GMT The accession states are not being give an option, they are required to join the monetary union as soon as they meet the necessary criteria. Though it is state-sponsored, it only covers the medical costs of Swedish citizens and residents.

FOREX Bank has been the Nordic market leader in travel funds since Since mid, FOREX bank has also offered a growing range of other banking services: .

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You have three attempts to enter the correct PIN code. If you fail a third time, the machine retains the card and closing it. In order to facilitate the visually impaired have the keys on the machines equipped with Braille. You may have spoken guidance, press the TALK button. In some ATMs you can withdraw euros if you have a card issued by a Swedish bank.

You may take up the maximum per use. Sweden is a rather expensive country to inhabit, though still somewhat cheaper than Norway ; many Norwegians living near the border drive into Sweden to purchase groceries. House prices outside metropolitan areas are probably among the lowest in Western Europe, and discount stores such as Lidl , Netto and Willys offer a wide range of items to a low cost. Accommodation and dining out are cheaper in Stockholm than in most other West European capitals.

Repeated years later, by her opponent Finance Minister Anders Borg of the Moderate Party, as a comment to Sweden's persistently high taxes, regardless of government. Price tags always include tax, except in business-to-business context wholesale stores, etc.

Financial transactions, gambling, healthcare, dentistry and prescripted medication are exempt from VAT. The 6 per cent level applies to passenger transport, books, newspapers, sport events, performances, zoos and museums.

The 12 per cent level applies to travel accommodation and food including restaurant meals and soft drinks, but not alcoholic beverages. Everything else has 25 percent VAT; that includes clothing, alcohol, tobacco, non-prescripted medication, cosmetics, hair and beauty services, appliances, souvenirs, amusement parks, nightclubs, office supplies, electronic services, vehicles including rental , and fuel.

Bargaining is not commonly used, but it might work in some instances, especially when buying more expensive products, at flea markets and in antique shops. Most shops, at least major chains in central areas, are open all week, even on Sundays, although they do close on Christmas Day, Midsummer's Eve afternoon and all of Midsummer's Day.

Closing times are rigid, most often on the minute. At grocery stores and supermarkets it is considered good practice to place each product on the conveyor belt so that the barcode faces either towards you or upwards so they can be scanned more quickly by the cashier. Do not stack items on top of each other; place them one by one on a line, and remember to place the divider on the conveyor belt when you are done.

Stores charge for plastic and paper bags usually kronor for plastic and double for paper , and you have to bag your goods yourself. Traditionally, it consists of seven servings. The first is herring, sill , the poor man's staple food. Swedish food is typical to the Nordic cuisine , based on meat notably pork and game , fish, dairy products, potatoes and bread, together with berries and wild mushrooms. Fresh fruit and vegetables are rather recent additions to the menu. Traditional everyday dishes are called husmanskost pronounced whos-mans-cost.

Some of them are:. As Sweden is stretched out between central Europe and the Arctic , there are many regional specialties. Among the more exotic are. As in most of Europe, inexpensive pizza and kebab restaurants are ubiquitous in Swedish cities, and are also to be found in almost every small village. Swedish pizza is significantly different from Italian or American pizzas.

Sushi and Thai food are also quite popular. The local hamburger chain Max is recommended before McDonald's and Burger King , for tasteful Scandinavian furnishing, clean restrooms, no trans fats and free coffee with meals. In parts of Norrland it is customary to eat hamburgers with fork and knife - available at Max. Another Swedish chain Frasses offers apart from all kinds of meaty burgers a tasty vegetarian alternative - a quornburger. If you have time, a downtown restaurant is preferable. Gas stations sell decent packed salads and sandwiches.

Vegetarian and vegan lifestyles are accepted in cities, less common in the countryside, where fishing and hunting are a national pastime. You should be able to find a falafel in any medium-sized town; or you may negotiate a price to only access the salad bar, as all well assorted eateries have one.

Swedish consumption of coffee kaffe is among the highest in the world. Swedish coffee is filtered and usually stronger than American coffee - but still not the espresso of France or Italy.

The sandwiches offered can vary a lot depending on where you are in Sweden. The most famous Swedish alcoholic beverage is Absolut Vodka , one of the world's most famous vodkas. Liquor seasoned with dill and caraway is called akvavit. It is part of custom to drink snaps at occasions such as midsummers eve, Crayfish party, Christmas, student parties, etc. Punsch not to be confused with punch is a traditional sweet liqueur made from a combination of water, lemon, sugar, spirits and arrack, unique for Sweden and Finland.

It grew very popular during the 18th and 19th centuries, generating a strong punsch-culture with numerous special punsch drinking songs, and maintains a strong precence in Swedish student culture. It is often served together with ginger bread and lussebullar or at the julbord Christmas buffet. Sweden does produce some outstanding beers, and there has been a rise in the numbers of microbreweries. You may have some trouble finding them, unless you go to a bar specialized in providing uncommon beer, or one of the well stocked Systembolaget , but you will find a few of them in every major city.

Despite this the most common beer is the rather plain "international lager". You are able to find a variety of different brands of beers in food stores, Swedish, English and even Czech beer.

It is sweeter than normal beer and usually seasoned with Christmas spices, mostly it is of the beer type ale. Wine is popular, but the Swedish production is very modest. Drinking alcohol in parks and public areas is generally allowed, with some obvious exceptions playgrounds, schoolyards, etc. Drinking at public transport stations is prohibited, with the exception of in restaurants or on trains or boats, and then only alcohol bought on location.

Establishments with permission to sell alcohol are violating their permission when selling alcohol "to go" to be consumed outside the establishment. Beer and lager up to 3. They are usually open M-W They are always closed on Sundays. Most shops are of supermarket style.

The assortment is very good, and the staff usually has great knowledge. Systembolaget does not serve customers already intoxicated or under the age of 20, and will most likely ask for identification from customers looking younger than This also applies to any companions, regardless of who is making the actual purchase.

Mid-to-high-quality wines often cost less in Sweden than in the country of origin; sometimes even less than if you were to buy the wine directly from the vineyard. This does not apply to low-quality wines or hard liquor, due to the volume-based tax on alcohol. All brands are treated equally and there is no large-pack discount. Therefore, microbrews cost largely the same as major brands, and might be a more interesting choice.

Beverages are not refrigerated. Drinking alcohol in public is usually allowed, with a few restrictions, such as shopping centres, playgrounds and public transport areas.

The minimum age requirement is 18 to get into bars and to buy regular 3. Many bars have an age limit of 20, but some especially downtown on weekends have age limits as high as 23 or 25, but this rule is arbitrarily enforced. Bring passport or ID. For male guests, proper shoes not sneakers or sandals , long-legged trousers not blue jeans and a dress shirt is almost always good enough. Age and dress requirements are not rigid, and doormen have the right to reject any patron for any reason; except gender, sexual orientation, creed, disability or race, which is illegal discrimination.

Still, some nightclubs are infamous for rejecting "immigrants", especially men of African or Middle Eastern origin, on pretexts such as "members only", "too drunk", or "dress code". Getting into a club is easier for patrons who dress and behave well, and arrive fairly early. Sweden has enforced non-smoking in all bars, pubs and restaurants, save outdoor areas such as terraces, and designated smoking rooms where drinks are not allowed. The prices at clubs and bars are among the more expensive in Europe: They usually offer a rubber stamp on your hand so you can re-enter as you like without having to pay again.

Be aware that you often have to stand in line to get into a bar or a club. Many places deliberately make their customers wait in line for a while, since a long queue indicates a popular club. At the very fanciest places in the major cities, the queue is often replaced by a disorganized crowd, and the doorman simply points to indicate who gets in and who does not to be sure to get in either be famous, very good-looking or a friend of the doorman.

Or simply a regular. Most bars that close at Most bars and clubs that remain open until There are some clubs in the largest cities that remain open until Authorized security guards carry a badge saying Ordningsvakt and usually wear a uniform. These should be taken seriously, see Stay safe. Though some shipments can be as good as legal vodka, most are disgusting, so you should stick to the real thing. Car camping is convenient and cost-efficient, as you can stay overnight nearly anywhere.

There are certain limitations, for instance you are only allowed to stay at a certain spot for one night, before you have to move on. If you are travelling to Sweden in the summer, check out the local conditions when it comes to camp fires.

Forests in Sweden can get very dry and temporary bans on lighting fires are not unusual. If you prefer camping a bit more organized, most towns have campsites with showers and electricity.

More info on the official site for Swedish campsites: The leading chain is called First Camp. STF offers beds for the night in dorms or single and double rooms. The concept is standardized throughout Sweden, and only includes the price of the bed or room, with access to common kitchen facilities, common bath rooms and showers. Some hostels have double rooms with bath room and shower en suite. You are expected to clean out your room when leaving.

Cooking equipment is normally available at all hostels for those who want to self-cater. Renting an apartment may be an interesting option if you plan to stay for a few nights in one of the major cities and want more privacy than a hostel offers.

Normal Swedish hotels tend to be clean, not-so-interesting and fairly expensive. On a more positive note, breakfast buffets at Swedish hotels are often impressive with plenty to choose from - try not to be in too much of a hurry in the morning! Major hotel chains include Scandic and First. It melts in spring and is rebuilt every winter. One night in a single room is kr, book in advance. Sweden has , vacation homes. Many of those are old farmhouses, or simple cabins from the early 20th century.

As Sweden is a high-income country, carpentry and other home improvement services are costly; do it yourself is usually the most economic option. Most vacation homes except the most isolated ones have electricity.

Countryside or island houses usually have no public water supply, and rely on a local water pump, and an outhouse. All education in Sweden is free for residents. Although the government has subsidized schools and classes, there also exist a few private alternatives where a tuition fee is required.

Even if you don't need it, you need to pay for housing, food, literature, etc. Sweden is one of few non-English-speaking countries where many university courses are taught in English. Most universities follow the custom known as an "academic quarter" where classes and most academic events will 15 minutes past the hour. At some schools after Students are expected to be punctual and show up at the appropriate time.

You can find more useful information about studying in Sweden on the Study in Sweden website. Citizens of some non-EU countries are permitted to work in Sweden without the need to obtain a visa or any further authorisation for the period of their day visa-free stay — see the 'Get in' section above for more information.

Working Holiday visas are available for Australian, Canadian, New Zealand and South Korean citizens aged between 18—30, permitting the holder to work for one year. Citizens of other countries need a work permit, and getting one can be quite a hassle. Also, if the offer of work is for more than three months, you will also require a Swedish residency permit.

More information about the paperwork required is found on the government website Sweden Abroad. Sweden is generally a safe place to travel. Mind that it is likely that your home country is less safe than Sweden, so heed whatever warnings you would do in your own country and you will have no worries. A notable risk factor is drunk brawls at weekend nights.

Do not argue with security guards or bouncers; they are legally allowed to use some force when needed. While gang crime has become an issue in some Swedish cities, visitors are unlikely to be affected. Although there is a significant police presence in the city centres, especially on weekend nights, the countryside is quite weakly policed; especially Norrland, where the nearest patrol car — and the nearest ambulance — might be a hundred kilometres away.

Knife carrying in public areas is criminalised in Sweden except blunt or very small knives unless needed for work, outdoor life, or other activities. Packing down a knife with camping equipment is legitimate. Pickpockets usually work in tourist-frequented areas, such as airports , rail stations, urban rail , shopping areas and festivals. Most Swedes carry their wallets in their pockets or purses and feel quite safe while doing it. Still, almost all stores and restaurants accept most major credit cards, so there is no need to carry a lot of cash around.

If you have a bike, do lock it or you may lose it. While organized crime exists in some Swedish neighbourhoods, it causes no trouble to lawful visitors. Be sure to watch for cars in the road junctions. There is a law in Sweden called "The Zebra law" which means that cars must stop at zebra crossings.

Many Swedes believe that all the drivers do that. By watching for cars you may save not only your life but also a friend's, since reported injuries have increased because of the law. If you do drive then follow the law, police cars may not be seen everywhere but you never know when they appear.

It does not require an area code, regardless of what kind of phone you're using. The number works on any mobile phone, with or without a SIM card, even if it's keylocked without SIM, you will be asked to press "5" before the call will be answered. Swedish police are stretched thin across the country. Officers are rarely on patrol, and might be too busy to head out for minor crimes. Contrary to popular belief abroad, there are no wild polar bears in Sweden.

Bears are most likely to attack if they are injured, provoked by a dog, going to hibernate or protecting their cubs. Bears in Sweden have killed no more than a handful of people since Though wild wolves might attack pets and livestock, they avoid people.

Animal collisions are a serous risk factor on the road, especially at dusk. Reindeer ren is common in Lappland. A traffic sign usually warns when the wildlife fence ends with the text: Prostitution is illegal in Sweden, and Sweden was the first country to make it criminal offence to engage a prostitute, but not illegal to be a prostitute. Certified pharmacies carry a green cross sign and the text Apotek. For small medical problems the pharmacy is sufficient.

Major cities carry one pharmacy open at night. Many supermarkets carry non-prescription supplies such as band aid and antiseptics. Strong painkillers are sold only at pharmacies. Swedish health care is usually of high quality, but can be quite challenging for foreigners to receive. Most medical clinics are run by the public sector, and their accessibility varies. Therefore, getting a time within a week at some medical centres could prove difficult.

In case of a medical emergency, most provinces and of course, the major cities have a regional hospital with an around-the-clock emergency ward. However, if you are unlucky you can expect a long wait before getting medical attention. Call for emergencies, and for non-emergency medical consulting, as well as directions for open medical clinics.

Tap water in Sweden is of great quality, and contains close to zero bacteria. Water in mountain resorts might contain rust, and water on islands off the coast might be brackish, but it is still safe to drink. There is no real reason for buying bottled water in Sweden. Also, there is bottled water that doesn't meet the requirements to be used as tap water in Sweden. There are few serious health risks in Sweden.

Your primary concern in winter will be cold weather , particularly if hiking or skiing in the northern parts. Northern Sweden is sparsely populated and, if heading out into the wilderness, it is imperative that you register your travel plans with a friend or the authorities so they can come looking for you if you fail to show up.

Dress warmly in layers and bring along a good pair of sunglasses to prevent snow blindness , especially in the spring. In snowy mountains, avalanches might be a problem. A serious nuisance are mosquitoes myggor , particularly in the north, during wet summers. While they do not carry malaria or other infections, Swedish mosquitoes make a distinctive and highly irritating whining sound, and their bites are very itchy.

As usual, they are most active around dawn and sunset — which, in the land of the Midnight Sun, may mean most of the night in summer. Supermarkets have many types of mosquito repellents. Other summer nuisances are gadflies bromsar , whose painful but non-venomous bites can leave a mark lasting for days, and wasps getingar whose stings can be deadly for allergics in very rare cases.

Use mosquito repellent, ensure your tent has good mosquito netting, and bring proper medication if you know that you're allergic to wasp stings. They can transmit Lyme's disease borreliosis and more serious TBE tick-borne encephalitis through a bite. Wear bright clothes, and check your body and your pets after outdoor trips. There's only one type of venomous snake in Sweden: The snake is not very common, but lives all over Sweden except for the northern mountains.

Its bite is hardly ever life-threatening except to small children and allergic people , but people bitten should seek medical assistance. All reptiles in Sweden, including adders, are protected by law and must not be harmed. The venom is about as dangerous as that of the European adder, and will likely cause more pain this can be quite severe than damage. There are also venomous jellyfish , bright blue or red, in the sea. The venom is not lethal, but it hurts.

Stinging nettles grow in wet and nitrogen-rich places especially where people urinate outdoors , but getting stung is generally not dangerous, only locally hurting for a few hours.

Most Swedes have liberal, cosmopolitan, secular, egalitarian and environmentalist values by Germanic standards, similar to other Nordic countries. This spares Western tourists from cultural clashes that might be imminent in other countries. However, some strict rules of etiquette are almost unique to Swedish people.

Swedish people are reputed to be rigid and organized. Almost everything has a number. Swedish people have a ten-digit personal identity number starting by date of birth in the form YYMMDD used in contact with all kinds of government authorities, usually mentioned before the name.

Customers in Swedish shops or bank need to take a queue number note from a machine to be served in order. Each product at Systembolaget is known for its product number which is often easier to keep track of than foreign-sounding names , and the most important feature in selection is the alcohol content often divided by price to find the most cost-efficient product.

If you order a drink in the bar, be prepared to tell how many centiliters of liquor you want. Before going outdoors, Swedes check air temperature , and before bathing in open water, they check water temperature.

Many Swedes also own barometers, hygrometers and rain gauges to support the eternal conversation about weather with statistics. In conversation about housing, Swedes define their flats by number of rooms En trea — "a three" — is simply a three-room-and-kitchen flat and usually ask each other about the area by square meter. They have week numbers running from 1 to The story tells that some English-speaking visitors to a Swedish city were perplexed by the sight of men in their thirties pushing baby strollers along the streets.

While the visitors in the story assumed they were nannies hired by the family and homosexual, for some reason , these men are full-time fathers. Sweden has one year of paid parental leave, of which three months are designated for each parent. While world leading in paternity leave, the current debate in Sweden is why fathers spend too little time with their babies.

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FOREX information. Sweden offers a wide range of department stores,larger shops and restaurants. The most common foreign currencies are usually accepted as payment. However, it is often unprofitable to pay with foreign currency since most places provide a very unfavorable exchange rate. Exchange Rate Stockholm. Use the currency converter below to calculate the current exchange rate for the city of Stockholm. The currency used in Stockholm is the Swedish Krona. Stockholm is the capital of Sweden. If you are traveling to Stockholm, you will need to exchange your currency for the Swedish Krona. Forex Brokers in Sweden Sweden may not be an impressively-sized market population-wise, but it is certainly one of the international Forex trading powerhouses. The interest in the country for this particular type of investment-vehicle has always been great and that is truer now than ever before.