How do you trade put options on E*TRADE?

I can't remember his name, but let's call him Bill. So let me explain why I never trade stock options. To buy options, investors are required to research which company or index, strike price and expiration month they are interested in buying. Clear as mud more like. It cannot be emphasized enough how important it is to analyze the balance between risk and It surely isn't you. I will probably sell these shares in January.

Before taking action on your Stock Options, review the company’s plan documents on the Company Resources page (Accounts > My Stock Plan > Company Resources). The type of stock options you have been granted will be listed on the My Stock Plan Holdings page (Accounts > My Stock Plan > Holdings) on

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E*TRADE earned "best of" distinctions in options trading, long-term investing, and in-person advice. Access the futures markets through the E*TRADE platform nearly 24 hours a day, six days a week (Sunday 5 p.m. CT to Friday 4 p.m. CT). Stock options trades can get complicated quickly, as many strategies employ multiple contracts, with varying strike prices, and expiration dates in a single trade. Investors who deal in multi-leg options trading and exercise or take assignment for options positions should be thorough when shopping for a brokerage. An option is the right, but not the obligation, to buy or sell a set amount of stock for a predetermined amount of time at a predetermined price. Once investors have an approved margin account they may then log in to their accounts at