Why Trade Forex: Forex vs. Futures

Participants in this market are typically finance professionals who are not seen as requiring regulation to protect. For example, some larger traders and financial institutions buy or sell currency futures contracts against their spot and forward forex positions as a means of reducing their market risk. In the spot FX, the price is also determined at the point of trade, but the physical exchange of the currency pair takes place right at the point of trade or within a short period of time thereafter. For example, a futures trader might be able to transact a currency futures contract with a delivery date in March, June, September or December. On the other hand, the quotation for the Japanese Yen versus the U.

Forex investors may engage in trading currency futures, as well as trade in the spot forex market. The difference between these two investment options is subtle, but worth noting. The difference between these two investment options is subtle, but worth noting.

24-Hour Market

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Forex futures contract sizes vary according to the value of the currency. Some of the smallest forex futures contracts, called “minis,” have minimum sizes of more than 60, currency units, and traders may have to put up a margin deposit of US$1, or more to begin trading. In conclusion, while forex and currency futures look similar there is a big difference. Forex trading is the trading of currencies (currency pairs), while forex futures trading is the trading of contracts for the underlying commodity or asset, in this case the currency. Jan 13,  · 1. Forex is the trading of currencies, while Futures is the trading of futures contracts of commodity and assets. 2. Forex is the most liquid market in the world, trading trillions daily. Futures only reaches billions per day. 3. Forex is seemingly a 24/7 open market, and it is also instant. Futures is not as easy to access. /5(1).